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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams console date announced

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams logo
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams logo

Those Giana sisters have come a long way; since the original 1987 title – which so closely matched the adventures of a certain pair of Mario brothers that is was pulled from the shelves – the characters have developed enough personality and originality to lead to the well-received Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on the PC last year.

As a fairly unashamedly old-school platformer, Twisted Dreams brings itself up to date by allowing Giana to switch between two version of herself – the graceful, twirling Cute Giana and the charging, angrier Punk Giana. With shifts between the two also changing the dream and nightmare gameworlds the characters are exploring, the key to success is knowing when to switch and use which character in the right place.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Formed from the Giana franchise’s previous developer Spellbound Entertainment after it went bust, Black Forest Games funded deveopment of the PC title via Kickstarter last year. Publisher bitComposer Games have now announced release details of the promised Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions. The Xbox version will be released next week on 20th March for 1,200 points (UK£10.20/US$15); slightly less definitively, the PlayStation version will follow “a few days later”, and no price is given but is likely to be in the same bracket.


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