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Fiendish Deals: Great Blurays On Sale

movie night
movie night

Whether you’re looking for something sweet to be tucked into an Easter basket, or just a little pick-me-up movie night, we’ve got some great deals on killer blurays that will keep your eyes and your wallet happy.

Firefly: The Complete Series    $18.49

51734pRq2+LThe entire series…for less than twenty clams. Whaaaat?!? That is 665 minutes of Joss Whedon goodness, my friends. Near unlimited entertainment, super cheap. Whether you’re a fan from way-back, or new to the series (you must watch it now), it’s a great deal. “Five hundred years in the future, there’s a whole new frontier, and a crew of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity is eager to stake a claim on the action. They’ll take any job, legal or illegal, to keep fuel in the tanks and food on the table. But things get a bit more complicated after they take on a passenger wanted by the new totalitarian Alliance regime. Now they find themselves on the run, desperate to steer clear of Alliance ships and the flesh-eating Reavers who live on the fringes of space.”


Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version)   $9.99

9120orP3BzL._SL1500_A classic…restored to its former glory. This 1962 original won seven Academy Awards – seven! Peter O’Toole gives the performance of his life in this wonderful film. “David Lean’s biography of the enigmatic T. E. Lawrence paints a complex portrait of the desert-loving Englishman who united Arab tribes in battle against the Ottoman Turks during World War I.”


Willow (Bluray/DVD Combo)   $14.99


Willow is just a fabulous film, with great imagination and a powerful good vs. evil storyline. The title character, Willow, proves that with a little determination, anyone can change the world. “From legendary filmmakers George Lucas and Ron Howard comes a timeless fantasy tale in which heroes comes in all sizes…and adventure is the greatest magic of all. When young Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) finds an abandoned baby girl, he learns she is destined to end the reign of the wicked Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh). In order to protect the child, Willow must team up with a rogue swordsman (Val Kilmer) and overcome the forces of darkness in the ultimate battle of good versus evil!”


Gandhi   $9.99


A momentous film about a momentous individual, Gandhi is surely a classic that deserves a spot in your collection. Whether you are a devoted follower of Gandhi’s principals, or just want to know more about the man, this is a biography that shouldn’t be missed. “His triumph changed the world forever. Sir Richard Attenborough’s sweeping biography of Mohandas Gandhi, who rose from simple lawyer to worldwide symbol of peace and understanding. Gandhi earned eight Academy Awards(r) including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor.”


Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Bluray/DVD Combo)  $16.99

51G715pQqNLTwenty-five years?!? How can it be twenty-five years already? An iconic film that’s just plain fun from start to finish, Roger Rabbit brought a magical mix of live action and animation that has yet to be rivaled. “It’s 1947 Hollywood, and Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), a down-on-his-luck detective, is hired to find proof that Marvin Acme, gag factory mogul and owner of Toontown, is playing hanky-panky with femme fatale Jessica Rabbit, wife of Maroon Cartoon superstar, Roger Rabbit. When Acme is found murdered, all fingers point to Roger, who begs the Toon-hating Valiant to find the real evildoer. Complete with hours of bonus features – including three digitally restored Roger Rabbit shorts, this multi Oscar winner (best film editing, best sound effects editing, best visual effects, special achievement in animation direction, 1988) is pure magic in hi-def Blu-ray.”



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