Posted March 4, 2013 by Adam in News

Dreamfall Chapters Trailer Released

Dreamfall Chapters image
Dreamfall Chapters image

The latest Kickstarter darling that will attempt to revive a classic PC series has just released a new trailer with five days of funding left to go.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is the Kickstarter funded follow up to the cult (and critically acclaimed) PC point and click adventure games, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It’s already smashed through the $850,000 goal so far with over one million raised and counting. So it’s definitely making a comeback, and is developed by Red Thread Games, having acquired the licence from previous developers Funcom.

The game will feature a return to the two worlds, the cyberpunk light world of Stark which is based around science and order, and the magical yet chaotic world of Arcadia. And as with the previous titles, you will play as three different characters in a story that spans both worlds and the dream state in between them. The game

Details galore on the Dreamfall Kickstarter webpage, in the meantime enjoy the video above and marvel at how many times you can use the words “dream” and “dreamers” in a three minute trailer. The game will be released for Windows PC, Linux and iOS


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