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Wii Mini due for release 22nd March – but what does it offer?

Wii Mini due for release 22nd March - but what does it offer?
Wii Mini due for release 22nd March - but what does it offer?

The success of the Wii cannot be disputed – Nintendo’s last console often dismissively being seen as something more for casual gaming, before finding a significant market and selling (up to December 2012) over 99 million units. Only now that it has been superseded by the Wii U have sales begun to drop off… which leaves us to pose the question “will Nintendo really be able to sell the Wii Mini?”

Planned for release next month, the Wii Mini is a budget version of the original Wii in red-and-black, complete with sensor, a red nunchuk, and the ability to play Wii games (just as the Wii U can, of course). Initially released in Canada last December for CAN$99 (approximately £63), last year Eurogamer ran through the things the Wii Mini doesn’t not have from the original Wii, which include -

    • No Gamecube joypad ports
      No Wi-fi (or online access via the single USB socket)
      No SD card slot
      No video output beyond the provided composite cable
  • Assuming the pricing remains consistent with the Canadian release, it will be considerably cheaper than either the regular Wii or the Wii U; however, between the number of original consoles already sold, the features removed, and the fact that the technology is now superseded, it may still be a hard system to sell.

    But on the other hand, perhaps the low price point will attract more of a casual audience who see the fun in the games rather than the lost functionality of what it had removed. Only time – and sales – will tell when the Wii Mini is released on March 22nd.


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