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Playstation 4 What you need to know – The Console

PS 4 Logo
PS 4 Logo

The Playstation Future show is over – the dust is settling and a slew of updates and rhetoric was ushered through the auditorium.  The question is, what were the relevant points?

Never fear we’ve stripped it all down to some handy bullet points and relevant notes that’ll make it all clear… mostly!

  • Playstation 4 – Yes that’s correct Sony went with the obvious and named the system Playstation 4.  Plenty of talk about Playstation Orbis, The Playstation have been cast aside and Sony have shrugged off the apparently superstitious links with the number 4 also.
  • Based on  enhanced PC infrastructure the system will indeed have 8GB of system RAM.  The system memory uses GDDR 5 memory which will greatly increase the speed of operation – this stuff is usually kept for higher end graphics cards.
  • New Dualshock 4 revelaed
  • Dualshock 4 controller has a share button, a light bar at the front (thin the glowing ball from PS Move, better triggers, a small touch bar that looks like the material on the back of the PS Vita, a headphone/mic jack
  • Dualshock 4 will tie up with a new stereoscopic camera – this will then track the new controller through three dimensional space – again a lot like PS Move
  • PS 4 downloads from the store are instantly playable after a very small download – the rest will download in the background as you play
  • Seemless uploads of gameplay – uploads as you play after choosing from past few minutes of play
  • Browese friends live video feed as they play
  • Remote assist from friends via your PSN list
  • Real names and pics – probably taken from current social networks
  • Games loaded by favourite types/developers… demos auto downloaded based on previous tastest
  • Instant “Try it now” using Gaikai will allow you to instantly try a game demo rather than download it first
  • UStream footage live multicasting
  • Remote play via a second screen
  • Remotely transfer your game from PS 4 to PS Vita to continue your game on the remote system.
  •  No backwards compatibility BUT PS1, 2 and 3 titles playable in the future via cloud services
  • The console will release for Holiday Season 20132




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