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PlayStation 4 Will Support 4K Ultra High-Def TV But Not Games

PS 4 Logo
PS 4 Logo

In news that is easily a mixed bag, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that the PlayStation 4 will support the 4K Ultra High Definition resolution for TV and movies, but not for games.

Arguments are racing across the film and television industry with regards to the viability of the 4K resolution given the size of TV screens required for the format, issues around the average person’s preferred sitting distance from the television and the finite resolution of the human eyeball at that distance cancelling out the benefit of ultra HD.

Nonetheless, for rap stars and those living in converted aircraft hangers with money to burn on a new TV, this comes as good news. It’ll be interesting nonetheless to see who makes the first attempt at a game in 4K resolution given the sheer processing power needed, but it certainly won’t be a console title, or at least one that plays very well.

Having scoured around this subject matter for sometime, it’s also becoming increasingly apparent that the consumer appetite for another overhaul of their entertainment systems isn’t as hungry as it was with the release of High Definition capable equipment a few years ago. Still Sony have always used their consoles to help trend set, which has worked wonders for the DVD and Blu-Ray markets, so they may be the 4K trendsetter that proves the naysayers wrong.

For those looking to understand more about the 4K format, this very good Q&A from Creative Cow really digs into the technology and cuts through the marketing hype.

Source: Joystiq


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