Posted February 15, 2013 by Amy in News

Mars War Logs Cyberpunks Your RPG


Focus Home Interactive’s upcoming release does things just a bit differently.

The idea of a future where human inhabit Mars is no longer quite so farfetched, and the idea of a future where human must constantly fight for survival is no shot in the dark either. Throw those two bleak futures together and you’ve got Mars War Logs. Called a Cyberpunk RPG, Mars War Logs has you playing as Roy, a balnk canvas for you to upgrade and equip as you see fit with different skills and powers available based on your preferences. The choices you make, both in actions and dialogue, will affect the outcome of your group and the planet. Mars War Log uses a real time combat system, and even features crafting to help give you a leg up on the opposition. The newly released screenshots below give us a glimpse of the world of Mars War Logs, set to release on PS3, Xbox360, and PC this spring.


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