Posted February 14, 2013 by Amy in Announcements

Urbanears Introduces the Slussen


Is that a party in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? (Oh, yeah. I went there).

“Designed to hang on your keychain, the Slussen allows you to take the party with you, wherever you go.” Well that sounds promising, doesn’t it? What the oddly cute Slussen does, is combine both hardware and software into a little piece of equipment that commands part quality sound at a snap of the fingers. Once you have the Slussen iOs app downloaded, you simply attach your headphones and speaker to one side of the Slussen, and plug it into your iOs device via the headphone jack.

More than just an adaptor, the Slussen is a bit like having a mini DJ in your pocket. You can mix tracks, load your decks, preview upcoming tracks, sync, scratch, crossfade, and more, all using simply your iPhone, a set of headphones, and a speaker. It’s an awesome concept, and at only $15 each, it’s worth the gamble on this pocket-sized piece for music gold at your impromptu parties. The Slussen is available in your choice of four colors, and can be found on and offline at your favorite Urbanears retailer.


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