Posted February 14, 2013 by Amy in Announcements

Die Hard App Introduces the “Endless Shooter”


Is it really a Good Day To Die Hard? REALLY?

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD from Twentieth Century Fox releases to day, and I know you’re all just jonesin’ for this evening, when you can finally take your sweetheart to a romantic, one-of-a-kind film that just screams love. What’s that? Watching a near geriatric Bruce Willis shoot an impossible number of bad guys seemingly completely unable to manage even cursory aiming whilst gratuitous explosions fire in the background doesn’t sing of sweet, sweet love to you? Bite your tongue! Whether the film is your cup of Valentine’s tea of not, you can check out the DIE HARD app that launches today on iOs and Amazon (for $.99), and Android (free).

While the movie might arguably seem like just more of the same, the app has something new going for it. By combining the characteristics of a first person shooter with an endless runner, gamers can now be treated to the “Endless Shooter”. Basically, you run *at* the bad guys continuously while shooting everything in sight. Sure, it isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it sounds like fun…..and it is almost lunchtime. Get ready to DIE HARD (I didn’t mean you – I meant the bad guys….I…sorry).



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