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Team 17 announce Superfrog’s return after two decades

Team 17 announce Superfrog's return after two decades
Team 17 announce Superfrog's return after two decades

In an announcement sure to make many older gamers stop and wonder where their Amigas are stored, Team 17 have today announced that their 1993 title Superfrog is to be remade for the PS3 and PS Vita as Superfrog HD.

The early 90s were filled with bright, cartoony platform games – an entire market trying to be the next Sonic – and it says a great deal for Superfrog that it could stand out in such a large crowd. The collecting of coins and fruit, jumping on enemies and the like may not have been original, but was very well received with the magazines of the time awarding it scores around the 90% area. However, two years later Team 17 released Worms, leaving Superfrog overshadowed (although not entirely forgotten – even now the PC conversion is available on sites like GoG).
Team 17 announce Superfrog's return after two decades
Quite how much the game may change with the conversion is currently unknown – currently only a “then and now” image of Mr Frog himself has been revealed. However Team 17′s record of updating its titles is varied – while versions of Worms have been available and popular on pretty much every system since the original release, their other big series, Alien Breed, was updated to the current systems in 2010 to more mixed reaction.

A release date for Superfrog HD hasn’t been announced; however, it seems likely it will be during this year to coincide with the original game’s 20th anniversary.


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