Posted February 13, 2013 by Amy in iPad

Martini App Finds Your New Drinking Buddies


So my friends and I got totally wasted last night with a group of complete strangers….


When I first read through the press release on Martini, I was somewhat baffled. At first glance, the idea of allowing a computer app match you up with mostly strangers for a group cocktail session sounds a little…..well, odd. Not to mention the whole safety thing. But as I thought about it a bit, I think the idea does have merit. After all, every time you enter any sort of public venue, you are in a huge group of strangers, and meeting people can be hard. Setting up a group who have similar interests might just make it that much easier to meet some new friends.

So how does it work? Basically, you use Facebook Connect to fill up your profile on Martini, and then select a group of your friends – up to four. Martini will then match up your group to another group, based on things like age, education, etc. You then have twenty-four hours in which you can chat with the other group and decide whether you want to meet them for drinks or not. Since both sides will already be with a group of their friends, it kind of lowers the pressure a bit over something like a blind date or even a get-together between acquaintances. If you’re going out with friends, you’ll for sure have someone to talk to, so why not take a chance on meeting some great new friends at the same time. You can download Martini for free on iTunes to give it a shot.


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