Posted February 9, 2013 by Amy in Deals

Killer Deal: uDraw Game Tablet Now $5


Now that’s a deal!

Ubisoft’s uDraw Game Tablet was a great idea…..that was maybe a few years too late. It is a tablet peripheral that plugs into your console. It has all the button’s needed to be used as a controller, as well as a drawing surface and attached stylus for becoming an instant artist on your console. It comes bundled with the Instant Artist game, for all kinds of drawing fun. Unfortunately, the fact that so many households already have tablets with loads of cheap drawing software available, coupled with the high price at launch made the uDraw an almost instant bomb. That’s unfortunate, as it is a fun thing to play around with (we have one).


Well, Ubisoft’s loss is your gain, apparently, as Best Buy has now clearanced out their uDraw bundles for just $4.99 for both the Xbox360 and PS3 versions. You’ll likely have to pick up in store, but you can order online to ensure you get a copy (or six). It’s a great gift, and just loads of fun to play around with for that price. Check it out quick if you’re interested, because they won’t last long at that price.


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