Posted February 8, 2013 by Amy in Announcements

ThinkGeek Announces Buildable “Lego” Coffee Mug


Also announced are the Ringtone Annoy-a-tron and the Titan Sword (but they completely had me at Build-On Brick Mug).

ThinkGeek, everyone’s favorite resource for all things geeky and/or cool, has announced three new products that will be on display at next week’s Toy Fair. The Ringtone Annoy-a-tron follows the formula of completely annoying everyone around you made so popular with the original Annoy-a-tron, only this time – it’s ringtones. Six of the most annoying ringtones ever will be mysteriously sounding in your office. Imagine giggling in delight as your coworkers scream “Answer the damn phone already!” to no one in particular.

The Titan Sword takes the phrase “bigger is better” to a whole new level with a gigantic light-up sword that will shame your cosplay buddies (or your coworkers…..or your children…oh, the list is darn near endless, isn’t it?). Even better, the enormous sword folds up so you won’t have to figure out where to stow the thing when you’re not waging battle.

And finally, the pièce de résistance (for me anyway): the Build-On Brick Mug. Not only does this thing look like Legos, you can attach Legos to it (I know we’re not supposed to say Legos, but building bricks just doesn’t have the same gleeful joy to it). You can build it – and then you can drink out of it. Whoever decided to put Legos and coffee together just totally made my day.You could totally Mindstorm up this baby to fetch you your coffee:

You can check out these cool items at the Toy Fair next week if you’re lucky enough to make it there (and the Lego mug is available now), otherwise, you’ll have to hold out for the end of March and beginning of April to get your hands on the others.



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