Posted February 5, 2013 by Amy in News

Skylanders Swap Force Revealed at Toy Fair 2013


SWAP Force takes Skylanders to a whole new level.

With the huge success of the first two Skylanders games, Spyro’s Adventures and Skylanders Giants, it should come as no surprise that a new Skylanders game has been announced. Of course, which each sequel to a game, developers must walk a fine line between adding new innovations to keep fans interested, and staying true to what attracted fans in the first place. Skylanders Giants succeeded marvelously with the addition of Giants, which were obviously larger than the original Skylanders, but also had different abilities. With SWAP Force, though, Activision has really outdone itself.


SWAP Force takes kids love of building and adds it into the already great Skylanders formula (upgradeable characters, fun toys, and cool trading cards). In SWAP Force, kids can detach the Skylanders’ top and bottom halves, and combine them any way they like to create tons of new combinations and characters. Even better, all of the different characters are able to be recognized in game, and that’s a feature kids are sure to love. Not only is it just plain fun, it makes for a ton of different characters to play. If you’re a parent to Skylander addicts, you’ll be happy to know that all of the Skylanders figures from the previous two games are completely playable in SWAP Force as well. Awesome!


So, the figures are super cool, but SWAP Force sounds like an interesting game in and of itself. The SWAP Force is a team that was caught in a volcano eruption on the Cloudbreak Islands. The eruption caused them to be broken into pieces, and you (the player) must reassemble the SWAP Force to save Skylands from the evil Kaos. I think it sounds awesome, and this household will be eagerly awaiting its release. Check out the newly released screenshot below:


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