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This Week In Entertainment Vol. 7

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This week in entertainment: lots of rumors, a couple videos and lots of movie news!


Sadly Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently shot down those rampant rumors that he would be playing Batman in the future Justice League movie. The rumor has been going around since JGL’s character Blake in The Dark Knight Rises was left the “Bat-Cave” by a retired Bruce Wayne with only vague clues as to what he planned to do with it. Gordon-Levitt also maintains that the more recent murmuring that he will have a cameo in the upcoming Man of Steel movie has no merit, “I hadn’t heard that one,” he laughs. “It just goes to show how much you can believe rumors… I don’t think you should believe in any of them. If there’s something I’m going to be in, I’m going to tell you about it.”   Source.


As if we weren’t excited enough for the upcoming 2014 release of X-Men Days of Future Past, Hugh Jackman has now offered us this teaser about the cast of the blockbuster “You wouldn’t have enough room on the page after you’ve listed them all,” revealed Jackman. “Every other actor who’s ever put on a superhero uniform will be in it. There’s an element of time travel and, naturally, it will be action-packed.”  The films time line will jump between the 1960s (the same time period as X-Men First Class) and a dystopian future where mutants have been forced into concentration camps.  James McAvoy (Charles Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Ian McKellen (Magneto – older) and Patrick Stewart (Xavier – older) have all signed on. As for other appearances we’ll have to wait and see…       Source.


The Red 2 trailer has just been released, and we cannot wait for this film to come out! Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich are all back in the game. Check it out here:



Warner Bros. Pictures is negotiating with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to reboot their 1984 horror comedy, Gremlins. The process is familiar to Amblin by now, as several companies have broached the subject before. However rumor is that the deal may actually go through this time.  The original film was produced by Spielberg but his involvement may not be necessary with such a recognizable title. Whether the franchise needs to be revived is another question all together.        Source.


Russell Crowe seems to be very happy with the direction the upcoming Man of Steel is taking. Crowe plays Jor-El, the biological father of Superman.  “It’s very complicated,” he expounds “It’s really complex. I don’t think anybody has really tried to get into the psychology of what it must be like to be Superman and what people would really respond like in a modern society if somebody like that just popped up.” He went on to say “I think Zack Snyder was given a great deal of responsibility because, when it comes to comic-book heroes and superhero films, the top of the food chain is Superman. I think the biggest indicator for me of how it’s looking is that the financier of the film has sent me gushing emails; he just loves it.”         Source.


Warner Brothers has announced that is has plans to rehash Homer’s classic The Odyssey. Only this time instead of being set in the classical period surrounding the Trojan War the epic will take place in space. An odd choice you say? Well were inclined to agree at first but if you take into account the classic magic and mythology that surround the tale of Odysseus a unique sci-fi twist could work very well indeed.  James DiLapo has been hired to write the script and Terry Douglas will produce alongside Paris Kasidokostas Latsis (The Box), David Heyman (the Harry Potter series), and Jeff Clifford.  As you already guessed, Warner Bros. sees this as a potential franchise.          Source.


Charlie Hunnam is set to team up with director Guillermo del Toro again, the two previously worked together on the upcoming Pacific Rim, for the gothic romance haunted house movie Crimson Peak. Emma Stone (Spider-Man) is talks to co-star as well.  Not much about the director’s new project is known, however del Toro has said the film is “very set-oriented, classical but at the same time modern take on the ghost story. It will allow me to play with the conventions of the genre I know and love, and at the same time subvert the old rules.” We cannot wait!             Source.


The production team for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road has posted a short video. Though it might not be the most interesting piece of entertainment news, mostly featuring vehicles driving a long a sandy road, it does give us our first look into look and feel of the film. Mad Max will release sometime in 2014 and features Tom Hardy (Dark Knight Rises) as Max Rockatansky, Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies) as Nux and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa.


It appears that 2009’s Zombieland will become a weekly Television show, according to casting calls and a few pages of the pilot that have been discovered by the team at io9.   The pages reveal some of what maybe the main storyline but initial pilot scripts change a lot between pre-production and the start of filming. What is the most interesting about the pages are the insights and changes to the characters we know from the film.

Tallahassee is still kind of a snarky weirdo, but he seems to have a much less spiky relationship with Columbus than he did in the film. He and Columbus have a pretty amusing thing where they riff on the fact that Steven Seagal movies always have three-word titles like “Marked for Justice” or “May Cause Diarrhea.” But Tallahassee also dispenses homespun wisdom about how to feel happy with your life

Columbus is much the same, except that he tracks down his grandma and grandpa (Bubbie and Peepaw) only to find them recently zombiefied. Also, Columbus is trying to deal with his newfound relationship with Wichita, after their first kiss.

Wichita is still trying to look after Little Rock, trying to teach her math with problems about someone stealing from a liquor store and jumping on a train going 42 miles per hour, with a cop chasing in a car going 88 miles per hour. We also learn a lot more about Wichita’s back-story, including how she ran away from her father after he had her stealing people’s Christmas presents — and later, she found out she had a sister who was also being a grifter with her dad.

Little Rock seems actually kind of excited about meeting Columbus’ grandparents, before they turn out to be zombies. And she shares some of her own back-story, about how her dad parked her at a school while he went off grifting on his own — and then yanked her out of school right before a dance that she was looking forward to.

In general it seems like the humor and style of the film are intact in the series, we can only hope if it goes to production that this stays true.


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