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Sony To Hold Out For Microsoft’s Next Console Announcement


The PlayStation 3 came under a very rocky start, particularly with a protracted release date for European customers. Being so far behind the release of the Xbox 360, which had a comfortable head start to build up a sizable market share, it’s taken a lot of time and patience for the PS3 to finally come into its own. Whilst the beleaguered Sony may have only just turned a corner with the PS3 in terms of popularity and commercial success, many expected that they wouldn’t make the same mistake twice in letting their competitor go first.

Except they might be, at least according to their CEO

Speaking in the business section of The Times, Kazuo Hirai all but confirmed that Sony would play the waiting game to see what Microsoft would be bringing out on the Xbox 720 (Codename DURANGO).

Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better? – Kazuo Hirai

With technical specs for the next Xbox machine already being leaked out, and a predicted Christmas 2013 release date by some analysts, it “could” be possible for Sony to hold off any further development work until they have a better lay of the land. Some would argue that it’s possibly too late in the PlayStation 4′s production cycle to change the specifications of the console without incurring huge costs that would add further to the losses reported by the company in Q2 of 2012

That said, many analysts expect both consoles to be utilising off the shelf PC hardware, as opposed to the expensive and often disasterous custom chip manufacturing that usually sets the production costs soaring high. So it could be feasible that Sony throw in extra HD/RAM/ports onto whatever Microsoft announce to give fanboys on both sides a bit more flame-bait.

Most likely, Sony are simply holding out on firing the starting pistol on the next round of the Xbox vs PlayStation console war, which will give them time to build into their announcement the areas where the PlayStation 4 will be superior to the Xbox 720*

Souce: IGN

*in their opinion (flamewar avoided)






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