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James Patterson’s 12th of Never Hits Bookstores This April

12th of Never
12th of Never

It seems like James Patterson’s writing career will never end. He churns out so many crime thrillers a year; it’s a mystery how he does it! (I couldn’t resist the pun!) But for me, the thrilling nature of his books have lessened with each publication of a new one. Hardly surprising taking into account how hard it must be to come up with completely original ideas with the 97 novels he has published since 1976!

However, his latest book, 12th of Never, adds a new level of suspense to his crime series The Women’s Murder Club, featuring the character Lindsay Boxer. 12th of Never is expected to be released on the 14th of February 2013 as an eBook whilst the hardback edition is expected to be published on the 29th of April 2013. And the overview makes it look likean exciting book to wait for! Why not read the overview yourself?

“It’s finally time! Detective Lindsay Boxer is in labor—while two killers are on the loose.

Lindsay Boxer’s beautiful baby is born! But after only a week at home with her new daughter, Lindsay is forced to return to work to face two of the biggest cases of her career.

A rising star football player for the San Francisco 49ers is the prime suspect in a grisly murder. At the same time, Lindsay is confronted with the strangest story she’s ever heard: An eccentric English professor has been having vivid nightmares about a violent murder and he’s convinced is real. Lindsay doesn’t believe him, but then a shooting is called in-and it fits the professor’s description to the last detail.

Lindsay doesn’t have much time to stop a terrifying future from unfolding. But all the crimes in the world seem like nothing when Lindsay is suddenly faced with the possibility of the most devastating loss of her life.”


So whether you covet crime novels, have a taste for thrillers, or are just looking for a good read, make sure to look out for James Patterson & Maxine Paetro: 12th of Never in the coming months.


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