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ARMA Developers Released From Greek Jail (Finally)

ARMA image
ARMA image

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, the two ARMA developers from Bohemia Interactive who have been under arrest in Greece since September 2012 have finally been released on bail.

The pair were arrested under suspicion of spying after they were caught taking photographs and videos of secret military bases and facilities on the island. Since then they have been held in jail while the Greek justice system was effectively on strike as the debt laden country continued through its financial crisis during the winter months. It was during November that the pair confirmed to family members that they were “no longer handling it”. At which point calls were made on the Czech government to escalate the matter from the families of the developers.

The bail did finally come as a result of a diplomatic agreement between both the Czech and Greek governments, and was set at 5000 euros each which was paid for by their families. The pair will have to return sometime in 2013 to answer the charges of espionage in court whereby they could receive up to 20 years in jail if found guilty.

Buchta and Pezlar both strongly deny the charges and claim they were on holiday at the time. There had been some suspicion as to whether they were photographing and filming as part of their work on the upcoming ARMA III, which will feature a Greek island in the main campaign. However both Bohemia Interactive, Buchta and Pezlar have denied this, with the developers saying that they wanted to visit the island as tourists following an earlier trip in the year to research the location for game development purposes.

No further details were made regarding the first court appearance due to the current backlog of cases as a result of the aforementioned strikes.

Source: BBC News




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