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Metal Gear Rising preview parties, coming to a front room near you

Metal Gear Rising preview parties, coming to a front room near you
Metal Gear Rising preview parties, coming to a front room near you

In a move bringing together the unlikely combination of Tupperware parties and cyborg ninjas, Konami has announced that 250 UK gamers will get early copies of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance if they host themed parties in mid-February.

While the game is due for release on February 22nd, gamers who apply can win the chance to get the title a week early so that it can be played at the parties, which must be held on the 16th. As well as the game, host are also sent party packs which “include custom wristbands, t-shirts and posters plus a plethora of bespoke party props”.

As an added extra, one of the parties will also received a visit from Hideo Kojima himself (though there is no word on whether he’ll be bringing a bottle).

Obviously, there are a few catches – for starters, it is only for players who have pre-ordered the game from ShopTo; entrants must invite at least nine people; players are not allowed to reveal plot points before the official release; there will be surveys at the end of it all; and so on.

Yes, the event is a promotion for Konami. But as multiplayer gaming becomes more and more distant thanks to the convenience of being online, having a gaming session with a large number of friends together will always sound appealing. Plus, with no one having played before there will be the shared experience of learning together… or laughing at friends’ mistakes.

To see the full details, and apply for a Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance party, take a look here.


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