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Twin Peaks, Gail Simone, Skyrim – episode 21 of Nerds Assemble

Ghost World Nerds Assemble episode 21
Ghost World Nerds Assemble episode 21

And we’re back for 2013 – bringing you opinions on the latest news for films, comics, TV, videogames and more – welcome to episode 18 of the Nerds Assemble podcast.

In this week’s episode Paul, Paul (Cookie), Paul (Retroid) and I take a look at the New Year’s news plus one story that hit over Christmas. From Twin Peaks to Batgirl – we’ve got it all in this episode.

First up: just what the heck is happening with pre-owned Wii Us? Details have surfaced that indicate it’s possible to download the content that a previous owner downloaded… for free.

Then we delve through the rumours that Twin Peaks could be coming back to the small screen and find the rumours somewhat wanting, especially when one of the show’s creators denies there will be a return. Still, the rumour mill got pretty excited about this last week.

We discuss the possibility of the next Skyrim DLC being “Redguard” after looking at even more rumours. We’re not sure, but we’ve got another theory as to why the trademark was just renewed.

Good news: Gail Simone has been hired back to work on the Batgirl comics. One assumes DC was moved by public outrage at the comics writer suddenly being dropped.

There’s a brief discussion about the fate of THQ before we get to the main meat of our episode, which was:

“Are comic book adaptations that don’t involve superheroes… invisible? Do we want more adaptations that don’t involve people/aliens with powers?”

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