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Y U No Work for Halo 4, Smartglass?

Win 9 Smartglass not equal Halo 4
Win 9 Smartglass not equal Halo 4

There seems to be some trouble abrewing on the XBox forums.

Are you one of the many supporters of Microsoft’s Smartglass? Are you a fan of the Halo franchise? Unlike PB&J these two tastes don’t work well together according to the XBox forums.

It started with this post, back on release date.

Apparently updated smart Windows phones, updated and not, across the board. Looks like 5th generation iPods are a no go, too.

This user back in November noted that Waypoint says it works…

And a quick search on Waypoint’s non-updated forums (most recent update by admin was a month ago), there are no issues.

The topic kicked back up just after the holidays – probably after a search on the forums to wonder why their gift from Santa wasn’t compatible with their smart phone.

Looks like Support got word of the issues and posted this today.

What say you? One of our team members has a Windows 8 phone, Windows 8 tablet and said it worked great.


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