Posted January 3, 2013 by Amy in Features

Gaming and Fitness All In One Shot


New Year’s resolutions, Games Fiends style.


The holidays are over. The cookies and cake may be gone, but the extra pounds probably stuck around. It’s New Year’s Resolution time, and if my highly made up stats are correct, most of you have resolved to lose those pounds, get fit, and several other just as unlikely scenarios. Lucky for you, we live to serve, and we’ve worked to find a way you can have your video games and fitness too. Check out these not sucky fitness games that’ll have you sweating off those pounds in the comfort of your home (no fancy gym clothes required). All of them are rated highly, and none of them will break the bank either.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2102   $19.99

This one is great, because it really has a lot of different types of exercises available to you. You can do dancing or cardio or jump rope or boxing. You won’t get tired of it as quickly with all that variety, and you’ll get in shape faster if you mix up that workout routine. Your Shape Fitness Evolved uses the Kinect sensor to monitor your workout form (and there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself up on your tv screen to get you motivated).

Fit In Six   $13.21

Fit In Six (which is available for PS3 of Wii) works on the idea that there are six different elements of fitness: upper and lower body strength, balance, cardio, core strength, and flexibility. You can set up your own workout with elements of each, use the premade ones provided, or simply try out a little of everything. It keeps track of everything for you, to help you stay motivated, and the workouts are a real challenge.

Get Fit With Mel B   $5.99

If you are on the fence about trying a fitness game, then Get Fit With Mel B is a great choice. If you can get past the former Spice Girl endorsement, it offers really challenging workouts that keep you hopping. The Playstation Eye camera tracks your form, correcting you if you aren’t doing things right, And at just $5.99 for the PS3 version, you aren’t risking a lot of dough for the chance to try it out.

EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp  $10.99

Loaded with extras like a heart rate monitor and resistance bands, this is a great bundle for football fans, or anyone who loves a good workout. You’ll works your way through drills in an appropriately manly fashion, and the sensors you attach to arms and legs will ensure you’re doing things properly.



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