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Last Minute Gifts For Your Tech Savvy Crew


Uh-oh! Who hit fast forward on the holidays this year?

It is coming, my friends. Christmas is almost here, and if you’re anything like the rest of us poor, disorganized souls, your list is far from finished. Don’t worry, though! There’s still time to grab those last few gifts, and we’ve got some great ideas for just about anyone on your list, from the babysitter who’s always got her iPod on to your mother in law who just can’t enough Angry Birds. We’ve got ideas for your little brother who just loves to game, and your uncle who just spent a fortune on that new home entertainment system. Psst! Santa! We’ve even got some great ideas for you to throw in our stockings this year. Fear not, friends! There’s even time for Amazon to deliver it all to your door, if you order soon. To make it easy on you, we’ll include two favorites in a variety of prices.

Teenagers, metalheads, podcast junkies, people who like to conspicuously ignore other people – just about anyone on your list can use a fun new pair of sound strings. There are kinds of fun designs, and all kinds of price tags too. Check out a couple of our favorites.

In Ear Sport Headphones with Armband — Great for gym rats, runners, commuters, and that guy who already has everything else. Currently priced at $19.99.


IBLINK Earbuds with LED Lights — Really good sound for the price, sparkly style, and oh, yeah! The lights flash along to your music. Sweet gift for teens, tweens, and your macho friend with a great sense of humor. Just $5.99 right now (that’s 82% off).

We all know them–those friend and families who always have their noses buried in their smartphones and tablets (heck, me too!). A swanky new stylus is the perfect thoughtful (and inexpensive) gift for the mobile techies in your life. They range in price from just a few dollars to close to a hundred, so there’s something for every price range too.

10 in 1 Mini Stylus Bundle — At this price, you can hand these cute minis out to all your friends, throw a bunch in your bag for whenever, or give them all to that teenager in your life who manages to lose just about everything. $4 for a pack of 10.

Bamboo Stylus & Pen Duo — A perfect gift for the executive in your life, the guy who loves the best of everything, and anyone who wears skinny jeans (cause they just don’t have room in those pockets for a stylus *and* a pen). $35.

Classic BluRays
BluRays are definitely where it’s at for at home movie watching. The crystal clearness of the picture makes even those old movies you’ve watched a million times look brand new. And since they aren’t a hot new release, the prices are just as sweet as the picture. Who wouldn’t love a few of these under their tree?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: This, my friends, is a Christmas classic, and belongs on your screen every holiday season. Nothing says Christmas cheer like watching Chevy Chase perform an impressive tirade of insults to his impossibly messed up family. Uncle Jethro doesn’t look so bad all of sudden, does he? Just $8 for an instant tradition.

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy — Nothing says Christmas like watching dinosaurs eat people while laughing with your loved ones. It’s just pure family goodness. And talk about cheap entertainment! Just $24.99 for the trilogy.

Graphic Novels
Whether you’re a mom trying to get her kid to read more, a spouse to an old school fan, or a comics lover yourself, graphic novels make a great addition to anyone’s stocking. They range from kid friendly to definitely not, so be sure to check out some reviews first if you’re buying for a younger reader:

Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic – This is a really good all around gift. Works for comic newbies and veteran’s alike, kid friendly but adult interesting too, and it’s also awesome, so you can’t go wrong. Buy it for your kids, your buddies, your dog (hey, dogs like bones!). At $26.37 for 1300 pages, this is an unbelievable deal.

The Walking Dead Compendium — O M G, you guys! The internet loooves zombies. And even more so, the internet loves Walking Dead zombies. Whether they’re a fan of the show, a fan of the genre, or just plain looking some pointers for the upcoming apocalypse, you just can’t go wrong with a little Walking Dead. For $35.99, you get volumes #1-48.

Thrifty Games
What would a Games Fiends guide be without some awesome video games to choose from? No matter your genre of choice, there are great deals to be had if you’re willing to purchase something more than a few weeks old. Check out these great (and cheap) deals for the gamer on your list:

LittleBigPlanet — This is one of those rare games where every single age can enjoy, and there is no blood and/or murdering involved. With tons of different levels to play, and a virtually unlimited amount available online, it’s the perfect gift for that family getting their first PS3, or for introducing the young ones to the wonder that is gaming. $22.25

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion — Talk about getting your money’s worth. This is a game that you can play for literally a zillion hours and never finish. And you’ll like it. It’s epic, it’s lengthy, and it’s a totally boss gift. Around $18, available for PS3, Xbox360, and PC.


Now that we’ve got your list all made up, we’ll leave the fun part to you: paying for it. Ouch. Merry Christmas!


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