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Clerks III, Batgirl, our fave films of 2012 – episode 19 of Nerds Assemble

The Dark Knight Rises Nerds Assemble episode 19
The Dark Knight Rises Nerds Assemble episode 19

Bringing you opinions on the latest news for films, comics, TV, videogames and more – welcome to episode 19 of the Nerds Assemble podcast.

Sorry for the later than usual post, but Christmas has been catching up with me…

Anyway, in this episode: the Pauls and I discuss Clerks III, what’s happening at DC and Vertigo with recent staff changes, try not to drool over the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and wonder what the hell happened with that Hitman: Absolution Facebook app.

So, in case you haven’t heard – Kevin Smith is planning on making a third Clerks film, after his hockey film Hit Somebody turned into a short TV series. Clerks III already has soemthing like seventy pages worth of outline.

None of us are too happy that Vertigo veteran Karen Berger is stepping down from the imprint at the same time as Gail Simone being let go from DC’s Batgirl.

The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer released at the beginning of the month may, or may not, have given us goosebumps. There was definitely a great deal of action to sink our collective teeth into.

And before we get to main part of this episode: what the hell were the PRs responsible for a particular Hitman: Absolution Facebook app… thinking?

Your main feature: the gang’s favourite films of 2012 – what were they? And did Avengers make the cut? I think you will be surprised by our list.

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