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Wii U eShop Blocks 18 Rated Content Before 11pm in the EU

Wii U Shop Blocks 18 Rated Content Before 11pm in the EU
Wii U Shop Blocks 18 Rated Content Before 11pm in the EU

Nintendo have always strived hard to maintain their family friendly image. In doing so the more mature videogaming fayre has often bypassed previous Nintendo consoles to more open platforms of entertainment. With ZombiU featuring as a prominent launch title, it did seem as though this trend would cease to be. But perhaps not according to the latest findings on NeoGaf.

One user reported that they were unable to access content on the Zombi U page in the EU eShop. Having reported the “fault” to Nintendo’s Italian support centre they received the following response:

“Dear customer, we would like to let you know that Nintendo has always aimed to offer gameplay experiences suited to all age groups, observing carefully all the relevant regulations regarding content access that are present in the various European countries.
We have thus decided to restrict the access to content which is unsuitable to minors (PEGI) to the 11 P.M. – 3 A.M. time window”

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Other uses quickly reported the same results when viewing mature content in the store, including high profile releases such as Assassin’s Creed III. Essentially the Wii U shop is blocking anyone from not only viewing content, but purchasing it too,  which could result in game companies applying pressure on Nintendo to remove the ban. The messages people receive when trying to view the content are unhelpfully vague with regards to timings and even turning all parental controls off does not help.

Nintendo has yet to formally respond to the complaints currently being levied at it’s European service, although the Japanese and US stores do not appear to be affected.

Source: Eurogamer





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