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Walmart Predicts Spring 2013 Release for The Last Of Us

Walmart Predicts The Last Of Us image
Walmart Predicts The Last Of Us image

US retailer Walmart gave the first potential confirmation that The Last Of Us could be slated for a Spring 2013 release. Twitter user George Hernandez took the picture of the reservation card which states that the game will be released in that period, although with the usual caveat that dates may be subject to change.

Sony has responded back by saying that they have yet to announce a release date and that Walmart are merely speculating.

The Last Of Us is the latest PS3 exclusive from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog and is highly anticipated thanks to both the developer’s pedigree and the game play videos that have been released throughout this year. Which showed a decayed and vegetation ravaged world where both bandits and mutants alike stalk empty cities. The developers have confirmed that a tie in comic book series, The Last of Us: American Dreams, will be released in Spring 2013, which corroborates Walmart’s speculation.

Previously Sony have been reluctant to talk firmly about the 2013 line up of PlayStation 3 titles, only confirming in June that the new God Of War title and The Last Of Us would not be released in 2012. Earlier this week a teaser was released for a new story related trailer that will be released on December 10th.

Source: IGN


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