Posted November 26, 2012 by Ayat in Features

Is The WiiU A Next-Gen Console?

Nintendo announce list of European Wii U release day titles
Nintendo announce list of European Wii U release day titles

In terms of sales, the Wii was the most successful gaming console of its time, but also the most criticized. This was mostly because the games lacked polish and had poor visuals. Clunky controls were also a contributing factor. Its successor, the WiiU, seems to be off to a good start, but it also seems to have attracted quite a lot of criticism from fanboys on the internet, press, and even developers. A programmer at THQ even stated that the WiiU has a “horrible processor”, the reason behind which the Metro: Last Light will not be coming to the WiiU. According to officials over at THQ, its CPU is just not as powerful as the 360 or PS3.

Does the WiiU match this generation’s consoles?

Yes. While the statement made by THQ officials may be true, impressive titles have managed to make their way to the WiiU and are as visually impressive as their cousins on other consoles. As with other consoles, the WiiU games come bundled with a few occasional glitches here and there, but these games may be defined as “lazy ports”. They try new things with the WiiU tablet controller, but do not test the console to its graphical limits, which is what is currently raising the most doubts about the WiiU.

Is this the best the WiiU can do?

Only assumptions about that can be made till this point. Nintendo hasn’t yet specified the WiiU’s processing power, and its graphical capabilities is thought to be better than what we have seen so far on the system. The 360 and PS3 launch titles looked a lot worse than the ones released for them in recent years. The level of visual realism that can be achieved by the systems were only guessed at their launch. It too can be that the game engines limit the capabilities of the WiiU. It can be hoped that the WiiU will do better in the years to come.

So is the WiiU really a next-gen console?

In my opinion, yes. Regardless of its capabilities,  the WiiU is a part of the future of gaming. There are no specific checklists or features that make a console “next-gen”. The fact that it will be one of the consoles that make up the future aline makes it qualified to be called a “next-gen console”.

The WiiU’s capabilities will be revealed with time as it did with the 360 and PS3. Another point that should be taken into account that Nintendo never made their systems top-notch to compete with their rivals. Their consoles have been successful. The reason behind this was that their fanbase, for the most part, have been satisfied by their purchase.

It can only be hoped that the WiiU doesn’t become outdated like its predecessor and has more in store for its existing and potential owners.