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GTA V, Star Wars VII update & more – episode 16 of Nerds Assemble

Grand Theft Auto V ep16
Grand Theft Auto V ep16

Bringing you opinions on the latest news for films, comics, TV, videogames and more – welcome to episode 16 of the Nerds Assemble podcast.

In this week’s episode, Paul, Paul, Paul and I frown (though obviously you can’t see it) a lot about various things while we discuss some of the more interesting points of geek news for the past week. Plus there’s frowning.

First up, we discuss the choice of scriptwriter for Star Wars Episode VII. You may have encountered the work of Michael Arndt before, mainly in Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3. He got an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine – so there’s hope, but how much?

Then we examine the news that CBS film has got the rights to making a Deus Ex film based off of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And Paul/Retroid makes the case for more videogames to be turned into TV series instead of films.

And before we reach our main topic of discussion, we spend part of the show being horrified by what Nintendo are doing with Wii U profiles. Generally – we think it’s about ten steps backward. But I also ponder whether Nintendo can currently afford the hardware layout to build an infrastructure like PSN or Xbox Live.

Finally: we take a look at the new trailer for GTA V and try to figure out whether we’re excited for the game and what we thought of Rockstar’s previous Grand Theft Auto titles.

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