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Wallet Alert! Steam Sale Starts Tomorrow, Winter Sales Also Planned

Steam Sales image
Steam Sales image

If Artery Studios CEO Tamás Bakó is to be believed, a Steam sale is set to launch on the 21st November and run until the 27th, with another two week sale set to run from 20th December to January 4th.

Bakó was contacted directly by Valve who wanted to add his equine indie title Secret of the Magic Crystals to the sale that will start tomorrow. This was also corroborated by another indie developer who claimed similar dates had been mentioned to them by Valve.

For me personally, Steam sales are largely what welcomed me back into the PC gaming fold earlier this year. They offered an amazing chance to get discounts not just on the current generation of titles, but also the classics that I hadn’t played in years due to deprecated console systems (Red Faction, GTA III) or never got a chance to the first time around, such as the Thief Series and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

They are also the result of a horrendous budget deficit within my household that makes Greece look like prudent savers. Still, cheap gaming fun to see you through the dark winter months can’t be a bad thing, and the highly energetic and constantly updating Steam sales should see at least a few potential purchases that will catch the eye of any gamer.

And yes, there are still games in my library from the last sale that I still need to play through.
Source: Joystiq



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