Posted November 19, 2012 by Adam in News

Star Citizen Ends Fundraiser with over $6million

Star Citizen Image
Star Citizen Image

Chris Roberts, the father behind the space flight sim genre, has put other people’s money where his mouth is as the private and kickstarter fundraising have netted the development team just over $6 million for Star Citizen. Breaking records for the most money crowd-funded for a video game.

As a result of this, Roberts will also be able to raise a further $20 million through private financial backing to make his persistent open world MMO a reality. The huge success of both fundraising efforts have been seen by Roberts as a statement from the public that neither the genre itself nor PC gaming is dead in the water. The game will boast an incredible sense of scale and detail and is being developed with the CryEngine 3, some of the latest results can be seen in the video above which shows concept art being turned into a reality. Despite all the caveats about low fidelity, Star Citizen is certainly looking like a $26 million dollar game so far.

Backers of over $30 will be able to play and alpha and beta version of the game over the course of the next year as development ramps up.




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