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Sir, You Are Being Hunted Shows Off New Gameplay Footage

Sir, You Are Being Hunted image
Sir, You Are Being Hunted image

The spiffingly British game Sir, You Are Being Hunted has released new gameplay footage which shows off the stealth elements of the game alongside the procedurally generated English countryside… old bean

Developed by Big Robot, the “tweedpunk” game sees you battling upper class robots as they hunt you through the countryside. The open world survival title is a perfect alternative to those who are tired of the DayZ phenomenon (or just tired of zombies in general). A few gameplay features that are shown in the video include:

  • Consuming food to keep your “vitality meter” and health up.
  • You can search through any of the houses for supplies, but you won’t be able to enter many of them directly.
  • The main goal is to collect pieces of machinery in order to escape from the island which you are trapped on.
  • Stealth is a key aspect behind Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Keeping a low profile in amongst the tall grass is essential for sneaking through patrols. Noise can be used to lure the hunters into a trap, but firefights can cause others to come and investigate.
  • Distracting the local wildlife can also cause the robots to investigate the local area.

Even in its alpha release, Sir, You Are Being Hunted is showing a lot of promise and a great mix of dark British horror with a dash of whimsical wit. The grey misty landscape is a perfect representation of the English countryside during the more inclement weather, with the engine providing a unique playing experience each time.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted image

The kickstarter appeal has already opened up some interesting elements to those shown in the video, including robots patrolling the landscape from balloons, and the ability to hunt animals yourself in order to provide a source of sustenance for your vitality meter. Further possible stretch goals to unlock include a pack of robots that will chase you down in the same manner as that of a fox hunt and a four player co-op/competitive mode.

It’ll be interesting to see how many friendly NPCs will inhabit the landscape in the final release, as without the element of a more dynamic multiplayer world such as that of DayZ, the game could end up being a little too isolated. But otherwise this is looking like a solid and unique title that will be available on PC and Mac sometime in 2013.


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