Posted November 18, 2012 by Ayat in PC

Much to be Thankful For: Releasing This Week


It’s a busy week in gaming from November 18. With the release of a new home console and many significant titles, the next few days are full of heat. With this week’s Thanksgiving holiday, Americans anyway will have plenty of time to fit in some extra gaming with friends and family. And, of course, Black Friday sets off a frenetic month of holiday shopping. So what kinds of things can gamers look forward to?

1. The WiiU:
On Sunday, the 18th, this new console releases at midnight. About 23 titles are to be available at launch. Some of the most anticipated launch titles are: COD Black Ops 2, Skylanders Giants, ZombiU and Batman: Arkham City Armored  Edition.

2. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two:
This is another Sunday release. Gamers play as Mickey and Oswald, the lucky rabbit. The game is set to release for the WiiU, Wii, PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

3. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed:
The game releases for the Xbox 360, PS3 and WiiU on the 19th. The game features some of SEGA’s most recognized characters, and also includes Disney’s newest star, Wreck-it Ralph. The characters switch between ground, air and water, making those goofy races epic ones.

4. Hitman Absolution:
Agent 47 is on the run again after 5 years. This time around, he is killing for more personal purposes, in search of the truth. He is wanted by the police and betrayed by the ones he had trusted, and now has embarked on a journey through a dark and corrupt world.
The game releases on Tuesday, the 20th, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

5. Planetside 2:
The game is a sequel to the futuristic first-person shooter, set in the world of conflict, Oraxis. It consists of 3 factions, fighting each other to have dominance over that planet. The game is also a Tuesday release for the PC.

6. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale:
The game features some of Sony’s third-party characters like Dante, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, Kratos, Nathan Drake and so on. It consists of single-player and many other multi-player game modes, which can also be played in cross-platforms. The game is also a Tuesday release for the Vita and PS3.

7. RaiderZ:
Yet another Tuesday release, the game is a PC exclusive third-person adventure game. Experience action-based gameplay and hunt with up to 15 players to bring down monstrous beasts.

8. Persona 4 Golden:
The last Tuesday release and also the last release of the week is Persona 4 Golden for the Vita. It is an anime-style game with a design that well suites its gameplay and purpose.