Posted November 14, 2012 by Ayat in News

The WiiU Preordered More Than the Wii


The WiiU pre-orders opened in September and sold out within a week. It was rumored that Nintendo had allocated about 400k units for pre-orders in North America, all of which have been sold out for weeks now. GameStop’s waiting list for a WiiU has now surpassed 250,000 gamers, according to Nintendo.

In fact, according to some retailers, the WiiU has exceeded the Wii in pre-orders. For example, a retailer in L.A. said the pre-orders are somewhat 3:1 of the WiiU compared to the Wii, while others suggest a 50% to 100% increase in pre-orders. According to analysts over at IHS Screen Digest, the WiiU will be a bigger success compared to the Wii sales figures during the launch window. With the Wii being an established brand name, they believe that the WiiU will sell 50 million units in 4 years. Analyst Michael Pachter stated that he believes the console will sell out until next year, despite Nintendo manufacturing “1 million Wii U consoles per month”.

Nintendo forecasts that  the WiiU will sell 5.5 million units, with 24 million WiiU games as well, by March 2013. It is rumored that 25000 consoles will be available in the UK at launch day and 1.5 million units are going to be allocated to North America. Piers Harding-Rolls, the senior analyst at IHS, did say, however, that the Wii U is unlikely to surpass the Wii in terms of total sales, which of course isn’t a big surprise. He cites the higher price of the Wii U as the main reason. The original Wii console is nearing 100 million units sold.