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London Games Festival Art charity auctions begin

London Games Festival Art charity auctions begin
London Games Festival Art charity auctions begin

After being on display at London’s town hall during October for the London Games Festival Art Exhibition, all artworks exhibited are to be auctioned off online during November to raise money for gaming charity SpecialEffect.

The auction is of over a hundred pieces, including art from Batman: Arkham City, Fable 3, and Metal Gear Solid, with some some signed by the art teams and developers involved. These will be made available in four batches, with the first selection made available today and then added to on the following three Mondays until December 3rd.

Money raised from the auction is supporting SpecialEffect, a charity that provides support for gamers with disabilities that may have trouble playing games. This can often involve coming up with some imaginative solutions – as one example, SpecialEffect attended the recent EuroGamer event in London demonstrating Dirt 3 with steering made entirely by eye movement.

With gaming being increasingly studied in terms of providing positive forms of support for people with disabilities – ranging from helping deal with psychological issues such as post traumatic stress disorder, helping improve motor control skills, or simply improving the quality of life for people – charities and organisations like this are becoming increasingly prominent.

To see all the available artworks – and place bids (via ebay) on any that catch your eye – visit the gallery on the London Games Art website.


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