Posted November 9, 2012 by Amy in News

Gotta Get Loose….Footloose

Kenny Loggins
Kenny Loggins

Rock Band, the iconic part game for the ages, is going Kenny Loggins style.

If your main complaint about Rock Band was that there was “not enough Loggins” up in it, you are in luck. Harmonix has announced that both “Footloose” and “I’m Alright”, both by Loggins, are coming to the Rock Band store. You are also now able to purchase some Green Day songs, that were only previously available with a purchase of the complete Green Day Rock Band game. These include forty different songs, such as “American Idiot”, “Basketcase”, and “GeekStinkBreath”, and are available in singles and packs. It’s worth noting that songs purchased at the Rock Band store are playable both in Rock Band and Rock Band Blitz.


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