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Elite: Dangerous announced and seeking funding

Elite: Dangerous announced and seeking funding
Elite: Dangerous announced and seeking funding

It’s November 6th, and is the day that the fourth title in a long-running, ground-breaking series gets to make its mark. Yes, that’s right – David Braben has officially announced Elite 4 (titled “Elite: Dangerous“) as seeking funding and aiming for a release in early 2014.

(We were thinking of the same fourth-game-in-a-series relating to today, right?)

While there are a great many titles released in the last four decades and more of gaming that have been influential, there is no denying that some have played a bigger role than other. Elite is one of these – released in 1984, it defined the space-trading genre, fitting a simple universe, 3D graphics and open ended gameplay into the 32k memory limit of the BBC Micro. It was, to put it most simply, ground-breaking, leading to it being converted to almost every computer system of the time and selling an estimated 600,000 copies.

Unfortunately, following up such a success would never be easy. Co-creators David Braben and Ian Bell had a falling out, and development of Frontier: Elite 2 ran over several years before its release (also to near unanimous acclaim) in 1993. A second sequel, Frontier: First Encounters, came out in 1995 but to a poor reception, largely due to an early, bug-laden build.

Since then, a fourth game has been mentioned, requested, suggested and debated, even after a period of time that almost made Duke Nukem Forever look on-schedule. To fill the years other titles inspired by Elite gave players their space-trading kicks, including Wing Commander: Privateer (1993), Battlecruiser 3000AD (1996), the X series (1999 – 2008), and current MMO big-hitter Eve Online (2003-present).

However, Braben today announced a Kickstarter project to raise capital for Elite: Dangerous, seeking to have £1.25million (approximately US$2million) promised in funding. Acknowledging concerns about how reaching a target is not always the same as achieving a success with it – as was recently highlighted by the Haunts project – Braben also describes the new title as being “the game I want to make and have wanted to make for a long time. I want to make this game for myself – it is the sort of game I want to play.”

At the time of writing, the project has already gained over £275,000 of pledges in less than a day – perhaps highlighting the fondness still held for the 28-year-old original.

If all goes well, Elite: Dangerous is planned for a March 2014 release.


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