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Lone Wolf makes new friends

Lone Wolf makes new friends
Lone Wolf makes new friends

The Lone Wolf series of gamebooks have managed to maintain affection from fans since their original run from the late 1980s to mid 1990s. This dedication held appears to have paid off, as a game based on the character has been announced.

Compared to the child-friendly Choose Your Own Adventure series, and the Fighting Fantasy titles which use a fresh story and setting (almost) every time, the Lone Wolf books never sold as well but still made a strong impression on both fans’ minds and the marketplace.

Written in a more mature manner and having a sense of continuity – characters could progress from book to book taking equipment and new skills – players took the role of the titular character, being the last surviving warrior-monk of the Kai Lords on the world of Magnamund. Published in 28 volumes, the titles have been kept alive by the community of fans and even had occasional revivals since the last original release in 1998.

There have been murmurings of a game in development for a while now, with developer Forge Reply even releasing a teaser trailer for it last year. However, today the announcement was officially made, timed for the Lucca Comics & Games Show [Italian link] held in Lucca, Italy, where Lone Wolf series creator Joe Dever will also be attending [Google translated link].

While the content of the new title is still vague – the announcement describes it in terms of “a true next-gen gamebook, that combines interactive text with stunning 3D combat scenes and intriguing puzzles, shifting the old reading activity of the books to a totally new digital life”, which sounds like it keeps very close to the original written medium of the series – the titles are promised to have an all-new story by Dever himself.

It seems it is a safe bet on the series being rebooted, telling Lone Wolf’s story for a new generation. However, from the few details released it remains to be seen how the market responds to a game that (apparently) uses a text-heavy approach to propel the story, even when combined with more graphical elements.

The new Lone Wolf title is expected in 2013.


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