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Serious Sam picks a fight with Warfighter

Serious Sam picks a fight with Warfighter
Serious Sam picks a fight with Warfighter

Serious Sam is not a series that will ever expect to be taken seriously. However, publisher Devolver Digital clearly hope that fans will be serious on their behalf, while simultaneously taking a swipe at the poor reviews received by Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

As an unholy fusion made by combining the heart of the classic Doom titles with more than a dash of Duke Nukem thrown in, the Serious Sam series is unashamedly old school. With its core strategy largely consisting of using big guns, strafing through incoming bullets, and then using bigger guns, it is very much the anti-thesis of the current wave of ‘realistic’ modern shooters. And as it turns out, very knowingly so.

Serious Sam 3‘s publisher Devolver Digital has announced a promotion for their two-week old XBLA release. Billing it as the “Warfighter-fighter” – in a release also taking a dig at Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and 007 Legends – Devolver are offering 100 free downloads of their game for those who would prefer to be “unleashing heavy ordinance upon a horde of brutal aliens”. All players need to do is denounce on Twitter or Facebook the approach of more serious cover-based military shooter titles, adding the hashtag #SeriousSam3XBLA.

It is perhaps the mundane pursuing the mundane – while Warfighter has received average-to-poor reviews on the 360, Serious Sam 3 has itself received decidedly more average ratings on the system than its PC counterpart. This has likely not been helped by several factors, such as the eleven month window between the release of the two versions, and strong competition currently on the 360.

Of course, Serious Sam needs to draw attention to itself now, before it – and likely most other titles – get buried with the release of Halo 4 coming next week.

If you fancy trying for a free copy, downloads are being offered during this week; to apply add the hashtag to your message on Twitter, or post on their Facebook page here


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