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Hello and welcome to the TCG Lounge, where we plan to discuss all things card gaming. That’s right, no Pokémon left behind, no land untapped, and no mana left un-exhausted. If it is a card game that does not air on ESPN and have a river in Texas, it is fair game for chatting about right here. I am your host, Chris, and welcome to my little corner of Games Fiends.

Let me start with an introduction on me and my flopping past. I, like a great many gamers, started out in the card gaming world with an interest in Magic the Gathering. I worked at Electronics Boutique (EB, or pre-Gamestop) and we sold MtG and Pokémon cards. One boring day at work, I purchased a booster pack of Sixth Edition and was immediately awe struck by the art. During my lunch break, I walked down to Walden Books, purchased a rules guide, and slipped down that slippery rabbit hole. Also, yes, Pokémon was madly in vogue during this time and I dealt with kids everyday coming to buy boosters…it was ridiculous.

MtG banner in the card hall at Gen Con

After that, I played Magic games at lunch with friends, watched said friends compete in Booster Drafts at Gen Con, and bought plenty of cards off EBay. It is a crazy addiction. Now I enjoy Magic the Gathering Online alongside the hoards of deck building games, like Ascension/Dominion/Penny Arcade, to hit the market in recent years. I have also dabbled in games long gone, like the Marvel Trading Card Game and WarCry.

So that is enough about me, for now. This column will feature all things card gaming. There is no specific theme, so you may see an article about world championship competitions or something small and simple discussing some hot new release. We are keeping this low key and chill. So, until next time, happy gaming!

Chris Nitz

I am a Ames, Iowa based photographer. I enjoy automotive, macro, still life, and street photography. To relax I wrestle dinosaurs.