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Facebook Gets Freaky – Freaky Pets, That Is

Freaky Pets Slider
Freaky Pets Slider

From the creators Abandon Interactive Entertainment, Freaky Pets is a more family-friendly version of their MMO Freaky Creatures, originally launched in 2009 as a free MMO game.

Part of their modus operandi is to make sure you understand their background – and probably to explain the name a bit to remove any misnomers. Taken from their Facebook Page:

“Freaky Pets are from Petania, an ancient place that is 4,000 miles southeast of the Ben & Jerry’s plant in Vermont (they’re kinda obsessed with Ice Cream!), just north of the equator, and a little south! The Pets are real, living, breathing creatures that just happen to look exactly like plush toys that transform from cute to cranky! And why are they sharing Games, Prizes and Fun? The Pets want to have friends all over the world!”

Despite the ability to drive a car through plot holes (a knapsack that holds 260,000 stowaways that Dr. Freaky didn’t notice), they have an extremely active community with over 19K likes, including 10 more likes than yesterday.

Their Facebook page is their strongest asset. Games, which are played daily, just involve you “liking” their page and following/commenting on the posts to enter into the active game. The games fall into two categories, either responding to a request or carrying out a mission. Some of the games have comments as high as 316, which would indicate that their tagline, “People come to the Freaky Pets page for fun, friendship, funny characters, stuff to do with their family or friends, and, occasionally to win stuff!” really is working, especially if “in the last 6 months, over 6,000 Freaky Pets and hundreds of Stickers have been won!” holds true.

Their website offers a place to purchase actual Freaky Pets to own as well as offering free ringtones, two free ebooks & free music. At the time of this writing, the website itself appears to be going under user-friendly updates. The music is cute pop and absolutely fits the nature of these characters, which appears to go from cute to cranky (though the crankiness doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere).

Facebook Gets Freaky - Freaky Pets, That Is


 Broken links and minimal social media awareness be darned, if you’re into an active Facebook community that offers fun, creative games with a simple reward this is a cute page to like. They offer a lot of free items – and who doesn’t like free?


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