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Frobisher Says finally coming to US

Frobisher Says finally coming to US
Frobisher Says finally coming to US

Frobisher Says finally comig?  All the Vita owners of the USA gather around, yes all fifteen of you, and rejoice!

Vita owners, like myself, have been apprehensive for the last few months.  After what seemed like on of the best launch line-ups of any console the software just dried up.  A nasty case of PSPitus started to settle in as we had little or no titles to play and only a handful of, admittedly great looking, titles to look forward to this holiday season.

Well don’t ever say Sony’s forgotten you because, just  a mere five months after I installed it on my Vita in the UK, my fellow gamers state-side will be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of Frobisher Says.

Frobisher Says forms part of Sony’s “Discovery” initiative and features a frantic mini-game based style of game play popular in the Wario titles on Nintendo platforms.  According to this post on the PS Blog site the game will launch with 50 mini-games to choose from.  The EU version launched with a fraction of those titles and then added the rest via DLC.  The updated selection won’t cost you any more though as Frobisher Says is still completely free.  no word yet to say what will happen to the less featured EU version.

Frobisher Says will be available for you to download on your Vita on 23rd October 2012.

Source: PS Blog


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