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Standalone DayZ Screenshots Released

Standalone DayZ Screenshots Released image
Standalone DayZ Screenshots Released image

The standalone version for the hugely popular ARMA II mod, DayZ, has just had several screenshots released by the developer Dean Hall.

Since achieving Minecraft like success on an (albeit very glitchy) alpha release, ARMA II developers Bohemia Interactive have stepped into the development role, with Hall working as project lead. The aim to release a full version of the game for the PC, with console ports not being ruled out at this stage.

The screenshots show very early work at the moment but look hugely promising to anyone who is familiar with the currently sparse interior locations of Chernarus, the island where the game is set.

Standalone DayZ Screenshots Released image

Firstly, furniture is a welcome addition to what have otherwise been empty rooms with the occasional scavengable item thrown in. Secondly, Hall states that all buildings can now be entered.

When you first start out on the DayZ mod, one of the most hugely frustrating learning experiences is down to knowing which buildings can be entered and which ones can’t. With very few in the latter category. With a bit of careful balancing over the spawning of scavenge-able items, even having the option to enter every building should make for a fraught experience when you’re low on supplies. In the mod, zombies can be found inside buildings so as long as that continues then you’ll need to make sure you practice your breach and clear drill.

Check out the gallery below for the current batch of released screenshots. Hall mentions in his blog that these images are vanilla screengrabs with no post processing, and with the graphic settings set ot normal.


Source: DayZ Blog



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