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Notch Reveals 0x10c Footage and Ambitions

Notch Reveals 0x10c Footage and Ambitions image
Notch Reveals 0x10c Footage and Ambitions image

It’s been a good week if you’re into your space sims, Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has released new silent footage for his follow up title 0x10c and also reveals some of the game play details and ambitions as they currently stand.

The game sounds hugely amibitious in it’s scope. Whilst deep space exploration and resource gathering is very much the name of the game, the key difference is that you control a person inside the spaceship, not necessarily the spaceship itself.

“The goal is to have it feel a bit like Firefly. You can try to land on a planet but you mess up and, instead of having the ship just explode like it would in real life, the landing gear gets broken. Then you have to try to fix that by finding resources. Instead of the adventure being flying from here to here, it’s: I set the destination, oh god I hit a small asteroid and the cloaking device broke.” – Notch

Feel a bit like Firefly? I’m sold.

Notch Reveals 0x10c Footage and Ambitions image

As is to be expected with this genre, your ship will be customisable but with a significant difference. Ships in 0x10c will have a programmable 16bit computer on board that will allow you to do not only code clever algorithms (one example Notch gave was docking) but share them out to the rest of the community for those who lack the knowledge to code, or even the patience to learn.

The space to planet transitions that promise to be seamless, and as docking has been mentioned we can assume there will be space stations and colonies to visit. Zero gravity has also been included in the current code for when your gravity drive breaks during a voyage… and no doubt there will be some spacewalking involved at some point to repair the external hull of your ship.

Notch Reveals 0x10c Footage and Ambitions image

When you stack this up against Star Citizen, the two sound as though they are playing in roughly the same space. Epic scope, free form game play and the vastness of space to lose yourself in. However while Star Citizen really is combining the more conventional aspects of the Space Flight Sim genre and pushing the scale of those out considerably. Notch’s 0x10c does seem to have a few intriguing new concepts that might just give this game the edge over the visually impressive Star Citizen.

Notch fully admits however that they’re still not sure what direction the game will take. Whether it will follow the same unusual (but highly successful) development path as Minecraft has yet to be fully revealed. But certainly the features announced so far makes this a game worth keeping an eye on… and not just because of its predecessor.

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