Posted October 12, 2012 by Amy in Announcements

Happy Wars Is Free To Play On XBoxLive


Finally, the free to play model is coming to your Xbox.Gamers on pc and mobile platforms have long had their choice of multitudes of games that are free to play. When you’re poor and bored, or just don’t want to drop any cash on an unknown, it’s a great way to try out a bunch of new games with little risk involved. Sure, most of them have an obnoxious amount of ads, all kinds of little things to buy, or both – but you don’t have to commit any dollars to any of that until you’re well invested in the game. Consoles have been the holdout, but now gamers are finally starting to be able to get free to play games through their consoles as well.

Happy Wars is a multiplayer combat game with a colorful style. You do not to have XboxLive to download it, but other than that it is completely free. Of course, it comes complete with a shop to purchase all kinds of character goodies with real cash, but Toylogic Inc. promises that even if they don’t purchase anything, gamers will have access to all parts of the game. Says Happy Wars game director Yoichi Take, ““With Happy Wars, we saw an opportunity to introduce the Play for Free model to millions of Xbox 360 owners that might not have experienced it before.We designed the game to be fun and accessible for everyone right from the start, so I hope players really enjoy themselves.”

You can download Happy Wars here, and as a bonus, all items in the shop are 20%  now.


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