Posted October 6, 2012 by Amy in News

Minecraft Legos Take the Concept Full Circle


Soooo….it’s blocks based on a game that’s based on the idea of building with blocks….*head explodes*

“Build a Minecraft microworld with 2 Micromob characters, in a model selected by LEGO® CUUSOO members!” Thus is the concept of the Minecraft lego set, which really makes perfect sense. Minecraft is huge right now, both with kids of the age to adore Legos, and adults who never gave up on the hobby – two great demographics who will happily snap up anything with a Minecraft logo.


Really, though, the idea of Minecraft is about as close as you can get to playing Legos on a screen. You take colorful blocks, and you put them together to build colorful blocky shapes – you can’t get much more Lego than that. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to get your Minecraft obsessed kids off the screen, and a handy holiday gift for the guy who has everything. You can pick up the Minecraft Lego set here for $34.99 (plus shipping).


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