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Rayman Legends Preview


Rayman Legends.  Sounds like a really bad cash-in title from Ubisoft based on the original classics right?  Wrong!  Ubisoft was embraced the new technology on offer with the Wii U and ploughed headlong in to turning out another version of last year’s incredibly gorgeous and imminently playable Rayman Origins.

>Using the same art style, and the UbiArt framework, as the Origins title once again gives Rayman Legends title a look that is still fresh and downright gorgeous despite being a year old.    The newly HD offering from Nintendo handles the looks of the game so well and everything moves at a right-old pace.  Smooth as butter and as colourful as a summer meadow the game is feast for the eyes and, thankfully, the ears too.

Rayman Legends would be nothing without the game play that made last year’s Origins such an essential purchase.  Thankfully not only does Rayman Legends have that game play – it’s added some neat improvements to it.  You know that last year’s Rayman title was gorgeous, sounded great and was one of the best platformers to come out of a major studio in years.  Well all that is still here, but with a Wii U twist

Playing the game it was like a duck in water when the lovely Nintendo lady handed me the controller – after all this was basically a 360 controller with a Nintendo badge.  The characters control just as slickly and precisely as they do on the PS3 and Vita versions I already own.   Then she handed my counterpart the controller pad and one glance over made me burn with jealous rage.  The action from the main screen was also represented just as clearly on the screen of the controller pad.  Closer inspection it look every bit as good at the Vita version of Rayman Origins – maybe not as clear though due to screen fidelity.

So as I made my way through the level my counterpart was using the controller screen so move a small character on screen.  This character was driven by touches on the pad screen.  His job?  To help me solve the myriad of puzzles and traps in the levels.  This could be as simple at slicing ropes to drop platforms down for me to walk on.  Or it could be to grab hold of see-saw like structures and pivot them using the motion controls of the controller unit.

The absolute best part of the play through was a large room you enter that is shaped a little like a Catherine wheel/spiral.  It reminds you of one of those ball mazes you had as a kid just on its side.  You run in and clamp hold of a ring.  Your counterpart then grasps the whole section and rotates is slowly.  The reason he’s so cautious and you’re clinging on for life?  The place is full of spikes!  So your partner rotates and positions the whole wheel structure to aid you in reaching the exit the other side.  It’s great fun and such a novel idea – it elevated the game even higher than it was before in my estimation.

rayman legends preview

A Wii U exclusive for a reason then but lets not count out the fact that, with a PS3 and Vita combo, a very similar experience can be had.  Although the user base would not be as large it would make a great downloadable title for Easter next year.. handily six months after the Wii U release date… ahem!

My advice?  Forget Pikmin, Zombie U or New Super Mario Bros U – this is as close to a system seller as you’ll get right here.

Rayman Legends from Ubisoft releases during the Wii U Launch window – retails have it crrently at  18th November in the US and 30th November in the EU to coincide with the Wii U Launch.  No firm details have been communicated.


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