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Microsoft Adds Gifts and Discounts to 360 Gamerscore

picture denoting the microsoft gamerscore rewards
picture denoting the microsoft gamerscore rewards

Good news Xbox 360 owners, all those years racking up your gamerscore haven’t been in vain as Microsoft have announced that your achievements will now entitle you to gifts and discounts.

The MyAchievements programme will entitle Gold Subscription members to both a free gift and possibly a rebate when their gamerscore reaches one of three levels listed below:

Microsoft Adds Gifts and Discounts to 360 Gamerscore Picture

So a special gift for your birthday month starting from a reasonable 3000 gamerpoints? Don’t get too excited there because the approximate retail value of that free gift is only £0.15/$0.25 across any of the three tiers. Presumably that leaves out almost anything bar gamer pictures and perhaps the odd avatar accessory.

The 1-2% rebate doesn’t seem like a hugely impressive offer when you consider the sometimes extortionate mark up that Microsoft seem to apply to their digital service. The same digital service that you already pay a recurring fee for. Especially when you stack it up against the savings you could make by buying the same titles on Steam (especially during their sales) and online retailers.

I quit my Gold Membership a few months ago for a host of reasons, and I can’t say that even the idea of a 2% rebate with my current gamerscore would draw me back again. However all this is still a significant change for the Xbox Live service and possibly a response to those gamers who have questioned its value in recent times (and possibly left the service as a result).

It also places further  importance on the achievements system, which has arguable been the runaway success of this console generation, and for the 360 in particular.

A few other notes of interest, the gifts and discounts are only eligible to 360 owners over 13 years of age and the offer is limited to a maximum rebate of 30,000 MS points. As noted in the small print, the “current phase of the Offer ends 30/06/13″. So whether Microsoft will continue with this system or ditch it entirely will be interesting to see.

Source: Xbox.com


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