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Top 5 Films You Hate To Admit You Loved in 2012


Everyone has guilty pleasures, this writer has a particular fondness for the musical Mama Mia when she’s feeling down. While some other people love watching second tier 80s horror films that feature acid wash jeans and kooky special effects. Whatever your tastes, this year brought us a fresh new crop of movies we maybe shouldn’t love or perhaps the critics told us not to love but we do anyway. Here lies the top  5.

1. The  Hunger Games 


Sure the last big tween novel turned worldwide sensation was Twilight but that doesn’t mean they all suck. In the first installment of The Hunger Games, based off the book by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen protects her younger sister, competes in a life or death gladiatorial game and sows the seeds for a revolution. She is a genuine heroine that is forced to deal with her own mortality and those of the children around her. The film also tackles a large amount of world building which is fantastical and interesting while at the same time seeming eerily plausible. Though some, including this writer, may have noticed a bit of disconnect when it comes to the chemistry between Katniss and Peeta the overall story is entertaining and well done, making this film a great guilty pleasure for its adult audiences.

2.       Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This film got some bad reviews but honestly I don’t quite understand why. The film about a vampire hunting Abraham Lincoln was campy sure, but so was the book it was based on. The movie’s special effects were well done, the scene where Abe battles vampires on a wooden bridge that is set on fire jumps to mind. The roles were well cast and each of the actors performances were both had depth and levity in turn. Plus let’s face it there is nothing cooler than a young vampire hunting Abe Lincoln wielding an Axe that also turns into a gun.

3.       Iron Sky

Nazis are quite a popular protagonist, especially in B movies. But, when the Nazis come from the moon, with a base shaped like the famed fascist symbol, you know you’re in for a “treat”. A Finish/German/Australian co-created film, this flick does more to make fun of the American political Lexicon, while also giving our favorite hate mongers their just treatment.

4.       The Grey

Because Liam Neeson fights wolves with broken glass taped around his knuckles. *drops microphone*

5.       3D/IMAX Rereleases of Classic Films

Yes it seems like every month another classic film is being rereleased in 3D like Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. or in IMAX like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Objectively you know this is so the studios can make more money with a second run of these films, but admit it a small part of you needs to see Monstropolis in greater detail.

Those are the movies that made our list, how about yours?

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